Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Don't download this song, even Lars Ulrich knows it's wrong!"

I tend to find his "song parodies" a bit predictable, but sometimes silly is just what I want. So without further delay I offer you the dramatic Weird Al Yankovic track Don't Download This Song in video form by clicking the title above or this still from the video itself:

Still from the video with the silhouette of a boy at his desk throwing a burned CD in the paper basket.

You'll be sent to the video and can also download an mp3 of the song about how you shouldn't download songs from the Internet.
"Oh, that crazy Al and his crazy songs!" ;-)

Another great reason to watch the video is that it's made by Bill Plympton, animator with a distinctive style and twisted humour whose work I first came across in the 80's in the form of shorts on MTV like this one; Wiseman:

Have a great weekend!

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