Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Steely Dan back on the road in 2009 - including Europe?

The Steely Dan-touring-rumours are once again upon us!

This time Europe might be in the mix, but there's no official word yet of any tour.

So - donning our serious investigative journalist hat - we view what's being said so far:

1) A press release from Red House Productions about trombonist Jim Pugh(*) quoted in the formidable Dandom Digest (January 1- 10, 2009) says that Jim's plans for 2009 include
a trombone and harp duo project with harpist Emily Mitchell featuring music from Debussy to Schnyder; jazz concerts and workshops in Australia and New Zealand; and a tour with Steely Dan.
2) According to a post from a reader in the Dandom Digest (January 11 - 13, 2009), The Daily Telegraph has named Steely Dan touring the UK (and probaly Europe) in the newspapers' concert preview for 2009.

We searched the Telegraph's website but couldn't find any confirmation.

3) Two separate posts to the above Digest and the Bluebook states that drummer Keith Carlock's Facebook page apparently in an email said that there would be news on Steely Dan tour dates and more very soon.

Once again we couldn't confirm anything on the page itself after finding Keith Carlock(*) on Facebook. The page is listed as a "fan page". Keith's band Rudder also has a Facebook page, but nothing about a Steely Dan tour there either...

So while nothing is confirmed the old idiom no smoke without fire still works. Radio Dupree's gut feeling is that something's brewing... Still, we're pretty sure Chevy Chase won't be joining the band if and when there's a 2009 tour!

And - just in case - may we be the first to wish Don, Walt and the Steely-guys and Steely-gals welcome back to Europe.

(*) Jim Pugh and Keith Carlock have been part of Steely Dan on tour and in the studio for the past few years.

UPDATE January 17:
A message from the Keith Carlock Facebook group says "Finally, the news about upcoming Steely Dan dates came from a UK news article. We didn’t mean to suggest that it came from Keith! It does sound like more dates will be announced soon, so look out for another bulletin which we’ll post whenever we get the word!"


Anonymous said...

But we want them back in OZ ... Can we share ???

They were here in 2007, I had Gold seat tickets ... Like half the staduim... and I was surrounded by Steely Dan fans ... But I thought "I" was the only fan down under ... ! Hey they're all over the world ... Bye guys ...

Neb & Siggy said...

We're not against sharing. Here's hoping they'll make it down under this year. Guess a lot of things have to gel to make a US tour work, let alone a world tour.

Even with two sources; a UK newspaper article and a Jim Pugh press release, we wouldn't bet on/hope for a 2009 tour.
Steely Dan touring these days is pretty much an ongoing affair, with a constant discussions between all involved. So it's not odd if these rumours pop up again and again.

Once it's official we'll start rejoicing ;-)

Anonymous said...

To everyone reading this post: We want SD back in Europe again in summer 2009! And we hope a date in Italy too!

kdc said...

Well, the Umbria Jazz website did publicise Steely Dan in Perugia for July 2009... but I've just checked again and they have been removed! What does that say?

Neb & Siggy said...


Thanks for the info! We did a quick bit of detective work and found the following:

Anonymous said...

Here it is cats and kittens of Europe, the long awaited confirmation:

Jul 02 - Paris, France - Olympia on sale March 9

Jul 06 - Rome, Italy - Cavea Auditorium | on sale March 6 *

Jul 07 - Naples, Italy - Arena Flegrea | on sale March 6 *

Jul 09 - Milan, Italy - Arena Civica | on sale March 6 *

Jul 11 - Perugia, Italy- Umbria Jazz Festival | on sale March 6

More dates to follow!

Anonymous said...

25th June Amsterdam HMHall. preale on friday 6 march.

Neb & Siggy said...

And here's our updated post:

Thanks all for links and info.

Axel-Pere Garretts said...

So glad they will be around again in BXL.
It will be my third attendance to a SD concert and this time I will take my son -who will just have turned 7 by then- along.

The boy is a fan since he is 4. he'll be just as excited as his "old" man.

Keep on coming

Axel-Pere Garretts

Neb & Siggy said...

Axel-Pere Garretts:

Great to hear that your son is a Steely Dan fan as well. Will you be seeing more than one show? Any tips on a good/bad concert arena? How is Forest National in Brussels compared to Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam?