Thursday, August 16, 2007

A very special day...

And we're not talking about this August 16 marking 30 years to the day that Elvis Presley passed away. He would've been 72 had he still been alive!
To mark the anniversary there's an avalanche of repackaged music released on CD, online and whathaveya.
And tomorrow on you can catch a special duet between Elvis and his daughter Lisa Marie using his 1969 version of In The Ghetto to which Lisa Marie has added her vocals.

So if it's not Elvis, why do we call this day special. Because it's the 2007 premiere for that northern Sweden speciality Surströmming!
Sweet-smellin', sweet-tastin' fermented fish that we love all year round, but expecially the very day and date the yearly vintage is put on sale. And this year it's August 16.


Read more about Surströmming here.

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Anonymous said...

Surströmming is an international phenomenon!