Thursday, December 17, 2009

Zappa fan sets a record

Ever heard of Serious Request? It' s a project started by Dutch radio station 3FM back in 2003. The concept is easy enough: Lock up a couple of radio DJ:s for a week and let the listeners decide on the playlist by requesting songs and at the same time give money to a worthy cause.

More countries and radio stations are adopting the Serious Request idea. In Sweden it goes by the name Musikhjälpen (Music Aid) and this is the week it's on the air.

You SMS tour request/gift with one of three set sums; 50/100/200 Swedish kronor. That's 4.80/9.6/19.15 Euro or 7/14/28 US Dollars. But you can give more. And Tuesday a Frank Zappa fan paid 3 750 Swedish kronor (359 Euro/524 US Dollars) to hear Joe's Garage!

If you want to sample what the listeners pick to play here's the complete playlist for Tuesday.

Here's a link to the radio broadcast if you feel like listening in. You can also watch it live here.

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Hans Annellsson said...

How much would you pay to hear Greggary Peccary on the radio?
Hans Annellsson