Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Secret Steely Dan message revealed!

A sensational find over on by your ever-inquisitive Radio Dupree!

What usually happens on the official homepage once a Steely Dan tour is over is that the tour listings are replaced with a non-tour page while waiting for the next thrilling news.
Not so this time.

While the final show of the 2009 tour took place in Montreal on November 28 there's been no apparent change to the front page listing the tour dates. It's been the same for the past couple of weeks.
But wait!

If you scroll way down to the very bottom of the page you can find the odd looking letter ß.
A typo? An error by the webmaster? Maybe, but we don't think so.

Now, in German the letter ß is used to replace the double s in a word. However, ezsett or scharfes s, as it is called, does carry some extra, hidden meaning this time around. It is a fact a message to all the curious Steely Dan fans wondering what will happen next. A new album? A live recording on CD, DVD or whatever? A new tour? The final break up? Producing/guesting on other artists recordings/tours? Solo recordings? Absolutely nothing at all?

Back in the beginning of November Donald Fagen was quoted in an article saying that he had a bunch of new songs and was going to record a solo album in the spring of 2010.
Now, saying and doing are two different things, but this ß at the bottom of the homepage is a clear sign that a solo album from Donald Fagen is what's in store next.
How can we be so sure? Easy:

The way to write the letter ß in unicode is U+00DF... That's "DF" as in "Donald Fagen".

See this hidden message as an early Christmas gift from Donald and Walter.

:: This has been the first post in a series of stunning revelations. Your life will never be the same again ::

Fact checked and cleared for Radio Dupree by Doktor Tore Fullständigt-Trams


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! I applaud your code breaking skills!

Nebukadnessar Stephenson and Sigurd Huckle said...

Yes. The truth is out there! We just have to look for it. R-e-a-l-l-y look for it. ;)