Friday, April 23, 2010

Cover: Donald Fagen's On The Dunes

OK. So let's get into the waiting-for-Donald-Fagen's-2010-solo-album-mode and start to feature posts that have a lot or a least little to do with Donald Fagen.

So here's a link to a cover of On The Dunes from Donald Fagen's 1993 album Kamakiriad. The clip is from ronh73 from the Netherlands, who has this to say on his YouTube-page:

Ron is 36 years old and is playing the keys since he is 18. After playing covers in different coverbands for many years, he is now going to start writing his own songs. Using his Roland equipment and Cubase installed on his computer, he sometimes finds the time to work something out.

On his website you can find even more songs.
In daily life Ron also hits the keys. But in fact it are the keys of his computer instead of his synthesizer. He works for a company which builds an application for registrating everything about the Municipal Social Services (Dutch: Gemeentelijke Sociale Dienst).


One final remark:
I do not have any scores or sheet music in digital format (Dutch: ik heb helemaal geen bladmuziek in digitaal formaat).

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