Thursday, April 22, 2010

Donald Fagen on Acute Tour Disorder

Donald Fagen pic from donaldfagen.comDonald Fagen writing on the "cluster of anxiety and dissociative symptoms that develop in response to traumatic events that occur while being employed as a member of a rock concert touring band"; ATD or Acute Tour Disorder.

And it's published after the six month long Rent Party/Left Bank Holiday tour.

Seeing that some members of the 2009 Steely Dan touring band subsequently have been out playing or are planning to play with other constellations, Radio Dupree can only deduct that ATD didn't hit the whole band and that those who got it have managed to cope with it in different ways.

After reading Donald's text this rock 'n roll touring lifestyle suddenly doesn't seem that glamourous. ;)

All kidding aside we're thinking this could count as a defintive end to the speculations that there will be any Steely Dan 2010 summer tour. Or, for that matter, any Donald Fagen 2010 solo tour.
So if you want to catch Donald on stage you better plan to attend Mountain Jam in Hunter Mountain, New York where he'll be joining Levon Helm June 6.

And we'll end this post with a video we've featured before, but somehow it seemed appropriate here and now:

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