Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Jon Herington video

If you've got an iPhone and play the guitar, you can get something called an AmpliTube iRig and practise wherever you please. Or as IK Multimedia who posted this video puts it:
Jon Herington, accomplished guitarist who has played on such pivotal work as Steely Dan's Grammy-winning CD "Two Against Nature" uses AmpliTube iRig to plug his guitar into his iPhone in this video. Watch Jon play some signature Steely Dan songs and give a walk-through of the AmpliTube iRig's functions. Jon will use AmpliTube iRig to practice for his upcoming tour in August 2010.

Jon also mentions that his new solo album Shine, Shine, Shine will be available soon.

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James said...

Wow nice endorsement for the iRig. For anyone watching who hasn't seen it yet you can get this for the iPad now as well and it's even more functional.