Monday, July 26, 2010

Steely Dan NOT to tour Australia in 2010?

We wrote about it June 15; a Billboard article mentioned a November tour of Australia for Steely Dan while a Hollowood Reporter article on Steve Winwood mentioned a possible tour of Australia with that very same band.
There's also the mention of the tour being announced shortly.

This past week someone calling himself/herself LA Baby has posted on the Steely Dan fan-discussion board The BlueBook that there will be no tour of Australia. A couple of quotes:

July 23:
The band has received its release so the odds of SD playing anywhere this year are, well, as close to zero as anyone would be willing to predict. Since I can't/won't reveal my source or position in this post, someone else will have to 'officially confirm' this tour will not happen.

And July 25:
I'm pretty low level but even here some good info crosses my desk.
If the band members have been released, i.e. can go about booking other gigs, those gigs should start to show up on the various band members' home pages. And hopefully an official "yes" or "no" to a 2010 tour of Australia will pop up over on even sooner.

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