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Radio Dupree Top 20 - October 2010

1. Horizont - Delirium Fetisch
Tonkraft 1977-78 (various artists)

2. Frank Zappa - Twenty Small Cigars
Chunga's Revenge

3. Frank Zappa - Tell Me You Love Me
Chunga's Revenge

4. Frank Zappa - Road Ladies
Chunga's Revenge

5. Neil Young - Walk With Me
Le Noise

6. Frank Zappa - Let's Move To Cleveland
The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life

7. Frank Zappa - Stick It Out

8. David Bowie - Cracked Actor
Ziggy Stardust (soundtrack)

9. Genesis - Dance On A Volcano
Seconds Out

10. Frank Zappa - Transylvania Boogie
Chunga's Revenge

11. Marillion - Assassing - Fugazi
12. David Gilmour w/ Richard Wright - Arnold Layne - 45 Single
13. Frank Zappa - When The Lie's So Big - Broadway The Hard Way
14. Genesis - After The Ordeal - Selling England By The Pound
15. Talking Heads - Stay Up Late - Little Creatures
16. Godley & Creme - Madame Guillotine - Birds Of Prey... Plus
17. Donald Fagen - Teahouse On The Tracks - Kamakiriad
18. Pink Floyd - Not Now John - The Final Cut
19. Donald Fagen - Countermoon - Kamakiriad
20. Steely Dan - Babylon Sisters - Gaucho

21. Steely Dan - Glamour Profession - Gaucho
22. Donald Fagen - New Frontier - The Nightfly
23. Mahavishnu Orchestra - Eternity's Breath Part 2 - Visions Of The Emerald Beyond
25. Godley & Creme feat. Sarah Vaughn - Lost Weekend - Music From 'Consequences' + L
23. Steely Dan - Bodhisattva - Alive In America
26. Jethro Tull - Sweet Dream - Living In The Past
27. Godley & Creme - Snack Attack (Remix) - History Mix Vol 1... Plus
28. Godley & Creme - Cat's Eyes - Birds Of Prey
29. Magma - Otis - Merci
30. The Billy Cobham/George Duke Band - Hip Pockets - Live On Tour In Europe
31. Jethro Tull - Jeffrey Goes To Leicester Square - Stand Up
21. Pink Floyd - Waiting For The Worms - The Wall
33. Genesis - The Knife - Trespass
34. King Crimson - Easy Money - Larks' Tongues In Aspic
35. The Tubes - Telecide - Remote Control
36. Gentle Giant - Thank You - Giant For A Day
37. Ultravox - Vienna - Vienna
38. Marillion - Punch & Judy - Fugazi
39. Larry Carlton - Tight Squeeze - Mr. 335 Live In Japan
40. Mahavishnu Orchestra - Resolution - Birds Of Fire
41. The Beatles - Within You Without You - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Chart compiled by listeners voting
on the songs they hear on Radio Dupree


At number one we find a Swedish sound recorded some 30+ years ago: Horizont. (Link 2) (Link 3 - Swedish)

So what we have here is a band formed in 1977 playing prog rock/symphonic rock, released two albums and then the singer Tommy Nilsson went on to have a very successful solo career in Sweden in the 1980's while the guitarist Jonas Isacsson dida few kronor playing with among others Roxette.

The track is not from any of Horizont's two albums, but a compilation of various artists playing live picked from a radio show called Tonkraft.

Chunga is apparently getting his its?) revenge as Frank Zappa's album take four of the Top 10 positions this month.

And it is especially interesting as it is also our brand new Album of the Month for October. We sneaked it in on the playlist a couple of days before the end of September and apparently the tracks hit home immediately. Unlike our Album of the Month for September:

We were sincerely a bit surprised over the reactions to the album we had chosen for Album of the Month, David Bowie's Scary Monsters. Not a single positive reaction, no position on the Radio Dupree chart.
Well, we can take that. But it's a bit harder to understand why two songs form that album caused listeners to press the thumbs down button (Fashion and Ashes To Ashes) and three songs caused several drops among you listeners (Teenage Wildlife, It's No Game (Part 1) and the cd bonus track Alabama Song).

OK, Scary Monsters may not be the greatest Bowie album, but it's certainly not a bad one! It's sort of the last quality album before his ill fated Let's Dance/Tonight period.

Well, everyone does not have to be of the same opinion, but it would be interesting to get to know you feelings and/or thoughts upon this subject. Please, feel free to comment here, on the blog or by e-mail (

Final note: Among the ususal suspects of popular Radio Dupree artists on the chart this month we find Godley & Creme who traditionally find themselves outside the Radio Dupree Top 20 however much we like them. So that's a few thumbs up we're pleased about! ;)

/Neb S & Sigurd H

And here's a bonus Horizont:

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