Saturday, October 30, 2010

Zappa Plays Zappa goes to Europe

The Zappa Plays Zappa band will soon leave for Europe (UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Scandinavia). They will perform the music from one of Frank Zappa's most popular albums in its entirity: Apostrophe (').
First gig is at the Roundhouse in London on November 6, where the Frank's 70th birthday festivities will take place. (Yes, we know that FZ's birthday was on December 21).

Dweezil Zappa explains it like this:

"I'm really excited about this tour for a number of reasons. We've had the chance to learn some obscure stuff that shows off even more textural changes within the band. We're inspired and energized by the new tunes we've learned. The Apostrophe(') material is so much fun as well. Excentrifugal Forz has never been performed live by any of Frank's bands and the Apostrophe(') arrangement of Stinkfoot has not been performed either."

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