Wednesday, March 16, 2011

State Cows

Morphing from the Steely Dan tribute band 2nd Arrangement to allround west coast/AOR (think 1970's/1980's) outfit State Cows and a long overdue mention on this blog.

Here's a 10 minute collection of song snippets from an evening in October of 2010:

Here's a link
to the band's blog.

And here's a link to some YouTube videos.

Let's not forget this somehow RD-related/created video playlist of State Cows' intimate in-store gig from July 2010.

The first one to figure out the anagram in the group name State Cows will get a free copy of the album! just mail your answer + name & address to

UPDATE March 17:
OK. So we have a winner! The correct answer is "West coast" or "Westcoast".

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