Sunday, March 06, 2011

Wa(l)ter Becker

While the news about Steely Dan's 2011 tour is trickling out into the open has been updated with links to the very same live tour plus a photo of a man experiencing the beautiful view of a lake and mountains.

Coupled with the "headline" ... until his hat floats we wonder if it's a sign that Walter Becker's next album will spotlight his interest in surf music? Then again it's probably just a photo of a man having some time off and enjoying life.

But where is the photo taken? It's named louisa2010. And since we've been to the stunningly beautiful Lake Louise in Canada we desperately tried to match the mountain silhouettes with our holiday snapshots before realising that there might be a difference between Louise and Louisa.
We found Louisa in Kentucky, Virginia, Iowa and ... Tasmania!
Wherever the photo was taken it is a fine vista indeed!

And nice to see updated.

For a full size view of the photo go to and click the ... until his hat flows-link.

Link to Radio Dupree September 2010 blog post about Walter Becker's new project.


BC Bill said...

Hi fellows -
nice view, and I think I know exactly where it is! I'll get back after some research.

Wm S

Nebukadnessar Stephenson and Sigurd Huckle said...

Cool! Looking forward to it.