Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Swedish Hendrix recording remains unreleased

Engineer Anders Lind on stage with Pink Floyd mannequins in Stockholm on May 7.
Not only did Swedish sound engineer Anders Lind record Pink Floyd's first concert in Sweden at The Golden Circle in Stockholm in 1967 on his Revox machine. He also captured a show with the Swedish organ/drum duo Hansson & Karlsson around the same time, where no other than Jimi Hendrix sat in. But Lind explains that there are no possibilities that the Hendrix tapes will be released or played in public.

"The ones who own the rights to Hendrix music are very hard to deal with. I do not have the rights to do anything with those tapes."
This is what Lind told a journalist at the playback event of the Pink Floyd tape in Stockholm on May 7, as Radio Dupree overheard the conversation.
The music on Lind's recording was described as "Hansson & Karlsson music".

Lind also said that is was not the original Floyd tape that was played during the playback event on May 3 and 7, in case of tape disaster.
The Radio Dupree staff in attendance assumes that the copy was probably made also for another reason: The original recording probably required two tape reels since it was recorded on 15 inches per second (IPS). The playback copy was made on slower tape speed: 7½ IPS, thus fitting on one reel and would not require tape change in the middle of the "show".

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