Sunday, July 31, 2011

Icelandic Steely Dan covers from 1978

Meavwhile a trip back in time and two Steely Dan covers from the band Tivoli from Iceland as recorded back in 1978. Never heard these before!

(No, we don't know anyhthing about the band. Hopefully someone who does will leave a comment.)

UPDATE August 2:
Over on the BlueBook JungleMusic posted the following:

Tivoli was a working group in Reykjavik back in the 70's, playing dance music, mostly covers. Two of the members in the video, the keyboardist and the guitarist (well, one of them) went on to form a fusion group called Mezzoforte in the 80's. Mezzoforte still tour and show up in places like Indonesia, Japan and Norway every once in a while.

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