Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Radio Dupree Top 15 - August 2011

1. Frank Zappa - Big Swifty

2. Walter Becker
- Junkie Girl
11 Tracks Of Whack

3. Mellow Candle
- Vile Excesses
Swaddling Songs

4. Pink Floyd
- One Of My Turns
The Wall

5. Wild Man Fischer
- Monkeys Versus Donkeys
An Evening With Wild Man Fischer

6. Mellow Candle
- Messenger Birds
Swaddling Songs

7. Sahara Hotnights
- Let You Down
Sahara Hotnights

8. Christopher Cross
- Ride Like The Wind
Christopher Cross

9. Donald Fagen
- Ruby Baby
The Nightfly

10. Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention
- The Air
Uncle Meat

11. Donald Fagen
- Rhymes - The Nightfly Trilogy : 10 Extras
12. Pink Floyd - Paintbox - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (3 cd)
13. Donald Fagen - Brite Nitegown - Morph The Cat
14. John Mayall - It Hurts Me Too - Looking Back
15. Steely Dan - West Of Hollywood - Two Against Nature

Chart compiled by listeners voting
on the songs they hear on Radio Dupree

Listening always goes down during the summer months. That also makes for some pretty odd charts where surprises tend to pop up among listeners favourites.
Like Swedish group Sahara Hotnights or music veteran John Mayall.

Of course the "ususal suspects" are here: Frank Zappa and Steely Dan. This month with solo stuff from both Walter and Donald making it a Dan-heavy Top 15. But the number one slot goes to Zappa. He was number one last month as well, but with a different track/album. Back with a different track but from the same album as last month is Christopher Cross, one of the artists we play here on Radio Dupree that almost always gets reactions and a few thumbs up and down.

Also: Our Album of the Month did manage to irritate some of our listeners enough to send us emails asking us to stop playing stuff like that. Nevertheless Wild Man Fischer's An Evening With Wild Man Fischer also scored enough points with other of our listerners to place a track at five on this month's chart! Diversity is the spice of life. Or something like that.
Our Album of the Month for June is still making waves. Swaddling Songs from Mellow Candle is at three and six.

-- N.S.

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