Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Steely Dan Seattle 1974 show a bootleg no more(?)

Wolfgang's Vault has been streaming and selling live recordings for a few years now, and today they announced the first Steely Dan show added to the vault; the July 1, 1974 show played at The Paramount Theatre in Seattle.

This has circulated as a bootleg, but as far as Radio Dupree can figure it out this appearance at the Wolfgang's Vault site makes it official and legal. You can buy a download of the concert in mp3-format for $9.99 or lossless FLAC for $12.98. (*)

According to Tomas Broberg's excellent Steely Dan site the bootleg version circulated is a nine track affair with two of the tracks - Do It Again and My Old School - cut.
The Wolfgang's Vault download version is the full show, 13 songs, complete with stage banter between tracks:

1. Introduction 0:20
2. Bodhisattva 5:08
3. Stage Banter 0:34
4. The Boston Rag 6:36
5. Stage Banter 0:47
6. Do It Again 8:08
7. Stage Banter 0:30
8. Brooklyn (Owes The Charm… 3:53
9. Song Introduction 0:43
10. King Of The World 4:53
11. Rikki Don't Lose That Nu… 4:45
12. Pretzel Logic 6:07
13. Band Introductions 1:03
14. My Old School 3:47
15. Tuning 0:46
16. Dirty Work 3:52
17. Your Gold Teeth (instrum… 1:22
18. Reelin' In The Years 5:43
19. Song Introduction 0:39
20. Show Biz Kids 6:07
21. Stage Banter 1:12
22. This All Too Mobile Home 8:37

You can hear the whole show by clicking this link.


Doing a search on Wolfgang's Vault (Wikipedia entry here) we learn that it was established in 2003 featuring recordings from concert promoter Billy Graham.

Back in 2007 the site was sued by record artists and signing some sort of settlement with some of them in 2008.

When it comes to old concert recordings it's not always easy to determine who owns the rights to the actual recordings. Or who's entitled to make a buck selling them. (So we've added a question mark to the subject line.)

What we can be pretty sure of based on previous comments in interviews and elsewhere is that Donald Fagen, Walter Becker & company would rather see this one removed from Wolfgang's Vault.
It's just a feeling we have.


Over on the dandom.com Steely Dan Fan's BlueBook the signature "make no mistake" posted the following regarding the Seattle show from the collection of sound engineer Stuart “Dinky” Dawson:

Absolute Word: : Dinky Dawson does not own the SD material he shills, has no legal claim to it whatsoever, and has been explicitly denied permission more than once to sell or profit from it.

All the more disgusting, his theft is performed "in the open", along with his jovial assurances and complicated, authentic-sounding stories about how this is all ok. They are simply inventions (and his oral histories about his employers are no more trustworthy than he). 

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The intro to Boston Rag alone is worth getting it.