Friday, September 23, 2011

Steely Dan Request Night: Sold out but no sell out

This was the evening for the masses, the casual fans. Hits as voted online that Donald Fagen assured us they would follow "more or less". Did I see a smirk on his face?

I am sure Godwhacker was not among the songs most voted for, but it was there. As were a few others that made it clear that the band plays what it wants to play. That said this was a setlist leaning towards the more well-known for the casual listener.

And as soon as something "odd" came up - like a long keyboard intro - there was always the possibility to run out and fill up your drink, go to the restroom or munch away by the popcorn machine.

I was also pleased to be seated next to a gentleman who obviously had decided to take his nubile young daughter to a Steely Dan concert. When Donald Fagen and Walter Becker came onstage he informed her "That's Steely Dan".
I am not sure if it was the "Hey 19 vibe" but somehow a picture of the band made itself manifest on my idle camera's memory card. It is included here for prosterity and possible historical value.

Steely Dan 2011
Dad and daughter(?) did enjoy the show. As did the crowd.
The band was as tight and "on" as ever.

A most satisfactory evening in this 2011 Steely Dan Beacon run. Let's see what the final night brings!

Your Gold Teeth, Aja, Black Friday, Hey 19, Time Out Of Mind, Show Biz Kids, Bodhisattva, FM, Godwhacker, Home At Last, Papa Don't.../intros, Rikki Don't Lose That Number, Dirty Work, Do It Again, Josie, Peg, My Odl School, Reelin' In The Years, Encore: Kid Charlemagne.

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