Sunday, December 04, 2011

"Steely Dan"? There's an app for that!

In the Marketplace for Windows phones we find this Steely Dan app priced at $0.99 and with the following description:

Follow this legendary band through the years with trivia, up-to-date-news, find out about any local events from Steely Dan, and stream their entire library to your phone!

It was released December 3 2011 and looks like a basic app that collects stuff from the Internet and packages it into a few easy to navigate pages.

But being bereft of any Windows phone we've not been in a position to buy, download and check it out.
Maybe somebody reading this can help? We're especially curious about how the streaming of their entire library is achieved.

If you do spend the necessary 99 cents please add a review in the comments.

Creole is listed as the publisher behind the app, and he/she is also behind apps covering Aerosmith, Doobie Brothers, Donald Fagen, Home Made Bread, Fox Now Milwaukee, Pokémon Mobile Trainer and more. A total of 59 apps.

In fact, a sensible Steely Dan fan might try out the Donald Fagen app, as it is listed as free.

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