Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Elton John is 65! (Pnau & The Diving Board coming up)

And he celebrated his Birthday a couple of days ago; Sunday.

Just the right time to wish him a Happy Birthday and write about a couple of new things happening this year as fas as Elton goes:

 1) Back in 2008 Elton's management signed the Australian dance music duo Pnau (Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes).
They have been working on his original multitrack recordings with the goal to make eight remix tracks that will eventually make an album's worth of new music. The first track is out and called Say Good Morning To The Night. It is based on Elton's Mona Lisa And The Mad Hatters plus a couple of other songs. Hear it a bit further down this post after we've written about...

2) Elton's brand new album set for an autumn release and his first solo album since The Captain & The Kid in 2006. After that one he released The Union in 2010 with Leon Russell. Just like The Union his new one is produced by T Bone Burnett. And it is thanks to T Bone that they ended up recording the album, titled The Diving Board, with just piano, bass and drums. Read more about it in this Rolling Stone article and - just like us - look forward to hearing the results later this year.

Soundcloud link:

Elton Versus Pnau - Good Morning To The Night by Elton Versus Pnau

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