Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Steely Dan 8-track anyone?

The Steely Dan collector has an easier job than many other music collectors when it comes to collectiong all official releases. There are just a handful of albums and very few non-album tracks such as b-sides on singles and soundtrack contributions to track down.

The completist might continue to hunt down all versions of a release and this is where these three 8-track Steely Dan albums might be interesting.
They're still around and are still being sold, but if you live outside the Unites States you may not even have heard of this tape technology. Finding an 8-track player might be a bit of a problem, but as a gift to the Steely Dan completist these three albums (Pretzel Logic, The Royal Scam and Aja) for $16 might be just the thing. Here's a link to the page. Ships only to the US and ends March 31.

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