Tuesday, August 28, 2012

So, who's on Sunken Condos?

Jamie Leonhart as pictured on the cover of her 2010 album The Truth About Suffering.
With Donald Fagen's new solo album Sunken Condos arriving October 16 curious fans are wondering who'll play and sing on the album apart from Donald himself and co-producer Michael Leonhart.

Rumour has it that long time Steely Dan drummer Keith Carlock does not play on the record. In fact, one major line of discussion amongst fans right now is the pros and cons of programmed drums and drum machines.

The official press release for Sunken Condos states
Some familiar names from the Steely Dan family of players are on hand (Jon Herington, the Steely Dan horns, Freddie Washington) plus some new faces.

And that's it. Come to think of it it doesn't even mention Michael Leonhart, but since at least part of the record was recorded in his New York studio we expect him to pick up and add an instrument here, and an instrument there.

Two certain members of the Sunken Condos players/singers are Jamie Leonhart and Gary Sieger. Jamie writes "I've sung on some great recordings including Donald Fagen's new record, "Sunken Condos" coming out on October 16" and Gary was mentioned by Steely Dan fan and friend-to-the-stars Pete Fogel on a facebook group as playing guitar on one track.

That's what's known so far.

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