Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shipping date for Roxy soundtrack

We received an e-mail from Gail Zappa with the latest news on the upcoming Roxy soundtrack, which is supposed to finance the release of the Roxy DVD:
Dear Residents of Earth who are interested in anything & everything concerning the Roxy Performances & the Roxy By Proxy,
Mercury ceases its retrograde activities tomorrow.*  We've been busy refining the License.  Based on your questions we are clarifying the offer to absolutely include people who are not necessarily U.S. residents.  We are extending the offer to the 21st of June - the Summer Solstice!  But most importantly we are pleased to announce we are going FORWARD.  This means we can give you an actual ship date.  And it is:  Not later than 30 July 2013.  YAY!
This is the first part of Gail's e-mail. Read more here:

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