Friday, January 31, 2014

The band that never left the rehearsal room

New Zappa CD - Joe's Camouflage: rehearsals from the summer of 1975 with the short-lived line up that never went on tour or recorded an album:
Frank Zappa: guitar and vocals
Napoleon Murphy Brock: sax, vocals, keyboards
Robert "Frog" Camarena: guitar and vocals
Denny Walley: guitar and vocals
Novi Novog: viola and vocals
Roy Estrada: bass and vocals
Terry Bozzio: drums and vocals

Two tracks from the album has been spinning on Zappa Radio on for a while now:
Phyniox, Take 1 (2.30) Instrumental piece not reminiscent of any other known Zappa work (we think). Sounds like a piece of music at early developing stages. Mostly a guitar solo over a chord pattern laid down by a (clavinet?) keyboard and a rhythm guitar. Bozzio's style of drumming is somewhat pompous here.

Any Downers (6.00) Early version reminding of the one performed during the fall '75 tour. A version that focused more on the band's theatrical talents. Allows more fun and cavortment compared to the one released of You Are What You Is (1981).

Joe's Camouflage is also supposed to feature at least two other songs: Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance and The Illinois Enema Bandit. Of these four songs Phyniox seems to be the most thrilling one since it is previously unknown by fans.

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