Sunday, January 05, 2014

What? Yet another Beatles box?!

Yes. In order to celebrate the 50 anniversary of the Beatles first TV appearance in the US (The Ed Sullivan Show, February 9, 1964), here comes a 13 CD box set titled "The US Albums".

Anything new in the box except the 64 page booklet? Well, five of the albums have never been out on CD before: The Beatles' Story, A Hard Day's Night, Yesterday And Today, Hey Jude and Revolver. We're talking about the US versions here.

For a limited time all the albums withe the exception of the audio documentary The Beatles' Story will be available to buy individually.

What you get in the box is the mono and stereo versions of each album except The Beatles' Story and Hey Jude that both come in stereo only. All have replicas of the original covers and inner sleeves.

Release date is January 20 or 21, 2014 depending on where you happen to live in this world.

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