Saturday, February 27, 2016

What a hopeless package!

A while ago I got my copy of 200 Motels - The Suites. A great recording! But how can it be so hard to design a package that will allow you to get the discs and booklet out in an easy way?

Get me right: The music and musical production is fantastic, and the gatefold cardboard CD sleeve is beautifully designed and the booklet has some really interesting information.

But try to get the CD's out without making fingerprints. Take my advice and take an extra break before the next task - to pull out the neat litte booklet. How the **** did they get it in there in its little pocket in the first place? I know the answer: by force! After carefully pulling the little booklet out I found that someone must have had a hard time to get it into its place. It looked as if someone had been sitting on a sofa.

I bought my first CD in 1987. The it was jewel cases only. Then came packages as digipak and mini cardboard sleeves, each type with its benefits...and disadvantages.
The CD format has been on its way out for several years now, but isn't it strange that the business never succeed in inventing a decent package.


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Matthew Galaher said...

I accidentally torn mine and had to glue it together...