Sunday, February 07, 2016

Wild Man Fischer album finally on CD

An Evening With Wild Man Fischer, one of the oddest releases that Frank Zappa took part in, will finally be re-released on CD.
Wild Man Fischer or Larry Fischer was a mentally unstable street singer in Los Angeles in the 60's that caught Zappa's attention. Zappa recorded and produced a double album with Fischer, an album that maybe can be classified as dada rock. Most of it is Fischer a capella, "singing" his strange but still somewhat fascinating songs and telling stories about his (miserable) life.

Some people thought it was in bad taste and that Zappa should not have exposed the unhappy Larry Fischer to the ridiculed by a larger audience. Others claim that Zappa wanted to show that the hippie world was not for everyone, that the hippie movement was elitistic and would not accept people who were not cool and beautiful, even if the hippie view of beauty was different than what you saw on TV and in magazines at the time.

The album is owned by the Zappa Family Trust but Gail Zappa (that passed away in 2015) did tell media that she would not release it on CD.

The 2 CD set will be released on the Gonzo label:

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