Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Kate Bush to release live album

November 25 is the date that "Before The Dawn" will be released in digital form as well as a 3 CD  and 5 vinyl album box set. It is of course the complete show she performed for 22 nights during her surprise return to stage in August and September 2014.

It was no urprise that the shows were being recorded and fans expected a DVD/Blu-ray release in time for Christmas 2015, but nothing happened.
Was Kate not happy with the recordings and had a release been scrapped?

But late November and a little over two years after the shows, the album will be here. No news of a DVD/Blu-ray somewhere down the line, but with the audio released, can video be far behind since it was a very visual show?

Track listing on the CD (Same number of songs on the vinyl and digital releases):

Disc: 1
  1. Act One - Lily (Live)
  2. Act One - Hounds Of Love (Live)
  3. Act One - Joanni (Live)
  4. Act One - Top Of The City (Live)
  5. Act One - Never Be Mine (Live)
  6. Act One - Running Up That Hill (Live)
  7. Act One - King Of The Mountain (Live)

Disc: 2
  1. Act Two - Astronomer's Call (Live)
  2. Act Two - And Dream Of Sheep (Live)
  3. Act Two - Under Ice (Live)
  4. Act Two - Waking The Witch (Live)
  5. Act Two - Watching Them Without Her (Live)
  6. Act Two - Watching You Without Me (Live)
  7. Act Two - Little Light (Live)
  8. Act Two - Jig Of Life (Live)
  9. Act Two - Hello Earth (Live)
  10. Act Two - The Morning Fog (Live)

Disc: 3
  1. Act Three - Prelude (Live)
  2. Act Three - Prologue (Live)
  3. Act Three - An Architect's Dream (Live)
  4. Act Three - The Painter's Link (Live)
  5. Act Three - Sunset (Live)
  6. Act Three - Aerial Tal (Live)
  7. Act Three - Somewhere In Between (Live)
  8. Act Three - Tawny Moon (Live)
  9. Act Three - Nocturn (Live)
  10. Act Three - Aerial (Live)
  11. Act Three - Among Angels (Live)
  12. Act Three - Cloudbusting (Live) 

And the announcement on katebush.com concludes with: "The album was produced by Kate Bush. Nothing on the record was re-recorded or overdubbed."

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