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King Crimson in Stockholm: A great retrospective journey

"King Crimson is not a jukebox". That is what former Crimson drummer Bill Bruford said in an interview in 1999. Through most incarnations, the band has not been known for pleasing their live audiences with old favourites. But the concert in Stockholm yesterday was kind of a Crimson "hit parade".
This was their second show in Filadelfiakyrkan. The previous one took place in the same venue the night before, on Friday September 30. Radio Dupree did not have the opportunity to attend the show on Friday, but fans report that it was as mindblowing as the one the next day.

The three drummers Pat Mastelotto, Jeremy Stacey and Gavin Harrison were placed in the front and behind and slightly above them from left to right: Mel Collins (sax), Tony Levin (bass), Jakko Jakszyk (lead vocals, guitar). On the very right: band leader Robert Fripp (guitar, keyboard) who sat down on a stool during the entire show (just like he uses to).
They played two sets, the first one lasting around 80 minutes, the second 50 minutes and two songs as an encore. The enthusiastic audience got to hear favourites as Epitaph, Circus, Fracture and Starless. The Crims actually played at least one song from almost every album from In the Court of the Crimson King to Red. Some newer songs were performed too (VROOOM) and they fit in well in the show.

The concert was just great! Excellent musicianship. The new singer Jakko Jakszyk has really improved if one compare with the Live at the Orpheum CD. Sometimes he sounds a lot like KC:s first vocalist Greg Lake.
The band has a lot of energy, much thanks to the three drummers, even if the drums get a little too dominating in a few parts of the show.
The first song in the encore part was a surprise; David Bowie's "Heroes". Obviously as a hommage to Bowie who passed away in January. Robert Fripp collaborated with Bowie on occasions. Check out Bowie's Fashion here with Fripp on guitar:

The following and final song of the concert was more expected; 21st Century Schizoid Man.
Now the tour continues to Germany and later also to Italy. If you have the chance to see King Crimson this tour, don't hesitate!

Tour dates here.
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