Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Walter Becker Media Project 2017

Walter Becker's homepage has added a page titled The Walter Becker Media Project 2017. After asking for help to document media's coverage of Walter's passing and accumulated the volunteers to do that, the Media Project is now a continuation where fans can help.

"Because we figure we've got the ear, so to speak, of fans who have expressed interest in contributing to WB's historical record (that would be you). And maybe that's an opportunity we shouldn't let go of so quickly.

For instance, high on our wish list of  Becker archive activities has been to collect all of WB's "Hey 19 raps" into one place….and in a format that won't disappear or change standard, such as Quicktime.

(We won't bother to detail the ways in which such a compendium would be of value; you either get it or your don't).

This project becomes more urgent by the day, as Youtube material disappears behind paywalls quicker that it can be viewed. 


Can we (the fans) find, extract, and convert these raps so that we end up with a comprehensive library of the nightly improvisational gems of WB's beautifully twisted mind?? " 

Go to to read the full text.  

Talking of gathering bits and pieces of Walter Becker's work from all over the web, we at Radio Dupree would love to see the complete video included in the press kit for his debut album 11 Tracks of Whack. The video was once upon a time available on the Youest of Tubes, but disappeared years ago.

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