Monday, September 04, 2017

Walter Becker's daughter posted a tribute and Donald Fagen a lyric "for Walter"

After Steely Dan founder Walter Becker died yesterday his musical partner for the past forty years; Donald Fagen, posted a lyric on his Facebook page. It's a song called Dead of Winter and by the band Eels. The post simply says

"For Walter
(posted by Donald and Libby Fagen)"

standing in the dark outside the house
breathing in the cold and sterile air
well i was thinking how it must feel
to see that little light
and watch it as it disappears
and fades into
and fades into the night

Link to the full post:

And over at Walter's daughter Sayan has posted a tribute that begins:

You loved music more than anyone I know. You're always there bobbing your head to each beat,  doing a little dance here and there, or sitting over there with your big head phones on and swaying back and forth. I could see it, your dissecting the song — listening in closely for each beat , for each musical instrument — you know, whatever you musicians do. But I get it.

Link to the full tribute:

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