Monday, July 04, 2005

I've got EMG on vinyl!

The vinyl version of Everything Must Go by Steely Dan
The real deal: Vinyl!

Gotta get this on here as well. Just to prove that I do still buy the occasional vinyl album.
Got it a couple of weeks ago. Just took a couple of months after I ordered it online, and I was surprised to see it finally arrive. I expected to get a "sorry. sold out"- message.

It is - of course - the official European 33 RPM vinyl release of Steely Dan's 2003 opus Everything Must Go.
Haven't listened to it yet. But I expect it to be a nostalgic feel to sit down with the album, read the liner notes and listen as the vinyl pops and hisses...

For a closer look at the record; cover, insert and all, please look at the RadioDupree homepage in a day or two. I'll have it updated Wednesday at the latest.
And do come back to this blog tomorrow for a couple more Steely Dan related finds!

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