Saturday, July 02, 2005

Weekend music

Possible Steely Dan connection here. Walter Becker is said to play on Rebecca Pigeon's new CD "Tough On Crime", but I couldn't confirm it looking at her site. No mention of him, but a picture of one Billy Preston.

The record is produced by Larry Klein who's worked with Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt as well Freddie Hubbard and Carmen McRae. The list goes on and on.

Rebecca herself is an actress and married to writer/director David Mamet.

"Tough On Crime" is her fifth album and has a nice acoustic groove. Hear for yourself over at

Update July 4: Did look a bit closer at Rebecca's bio, and sure enough Walter is mentioned as one of the musicians on the album!


Martha said...

Hi guys! Google led me to you when I went searching for Rebecca Pigeon's Tough on Crime, which I heard a few weeks ago on a radio station in Savannah, Georgia. The funny thing is...I'm a pretty big Steely Dan fan (but had no idea Walter Becker played on Rebecca's CD) and I once attempted to learn Swedish. Three of my "interests" converged on your site in the strangest way. Well, now I know where to go for Steely Dan information! (I don't suppose you could teach me Swedish? Kidding, of course.)

Thanks for the info on Tough on Crime and the link to Rebecca's site. Keep up the good work!

Neb and/or Siggy said...

Hi Martha!
I am sure we could give it a try regarding the Swedish studies, but it's supposed to be one of the harder languages to learn so...

Was it Swedish ancestry that made you want to give it a try or maybe just a general interest in this small Scandinavian country way up north?

We do hope you get to see Steely Dan out on tour in the States this summer. Wish the band would come back to Europe to play again, but so far no such luck.

Thanks for the kind words and enjoy life i Savannah, Georgia (or wherever you might be living).


Martha said...

Yes, I found the vowels to be unusual...But I was enjoying saying things like: "My cat has a car." with the limited vocabulary I had mastered.

No Swedish ancestry that I know of. I "dated" a Swedish guy for a few months while he was over here for a postdoc, living in Los Angeles (not where I live -- I live in North Carolina, thus it was tough dating him across the country.) And I thought Sweden sounded like a cool, progressive country. (In November of 2004, some Americans dreamed of fleeing to Canada -- I was thinking Sweden.) Unfortunately, I love hot weather. But I hope to visit your country sometime! Maybe I'll know more Swedish by then, though my "boyfriend" told me it's not necessary since so many Swedes know English.

I DID get to the Steely Dan show in Charlotte, NC. Lots of classics. And Donald looked so cool, of course. I told my friend who also attended to see Radio Dupree and enjoy the Steely Dan/Owen Wilson thing.

And I just saw your blog had yet another surprise for me after the Rebecca Pigeon thing - here I learned that Walter is showing up on Madeleine Peyroux's next CD! I have her Careless Love and like it a lot.