Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bye bye to spammers ... for now

Word verification panel

I never stop being surprised by these halfwits spamming everything in sight on the Internet. Like they think I'll feel friendly towards them and spend my money after they've delivered their unsolicited junk.

The problem is of course not with these prime examples why the capitalist view of the world ultimately is doomed, but the fact that enough people keep answering these spam messages and - even worse - buy the garbage they push.

This is not a blog that inspires comments. I think we've had four since we started. And two of those came from spammers. But they have come in the last month or so, meaning that there will be more if I don't swith on the "word verification" settings preventing automated/robot spammers from adding their noise to this blog. To post a comment you'll have to verify a word, something it takes a human being to do. And so the automatic spam programmes are unable to spam this blog. At least for now.

The fight continues. And I wish I had the connections to be able to make a call and one hour later the offending account and ISP would be shut down, but... In real life I will have to settle for minimising my own irritation. Word verification is one way of achieving that goal.

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