Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dub Room Special for X-mas?

Cover of Dub Room video
The very modest 1982 package of The Dub Room Special. Original VHS release on Barking Pumpkin.

Good news for Zappa fans: The Dub Room Special will be released on DVD during the fall and at least two CD's by the end of this year. Well, this is what Gail Zappa says and the report comes from the Zappa site The Idiot Bastard Son .

The Dub Room Special is a 1½ hour collection of live footage from 1974 and 1981. Initially it was released on VHS via mail order.
The Idiot assumes that one of the two CD's will be Trance-fusion, Zappa's third collection of guitar solos which has been ready for release for several years but still hasn't made it. (Nonetheless it has been circulating in the underground domains for years).

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