Saturday, September 24, 2005

Kate Moss on RadioDupree??

Kate Moss

I think her title is "supermodel". Kate Moss has been in the news this past week after the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph published photos of her snorting cocaine.

There must be more interesting things happening around the globe, but western media gave Kate and the story far too much room. Especially junk newspapers like The Sun and its ilk. You know, make-it-up-as-we-go-papers busy being horrified over the same sex and drugs "scandals" that they themselves make a profit off reporting.

I saw it as a sign when I stumbled upon a CD-single I had plain forgotten we had here at RadioDupree; Some Velvet Morning by Primal Scream featuring none other than ... Kate Moss!
A cover of a song written by Lee Hazlewood this is appearently a "new version" that appeared on Primal Scream's Dirty Hits compilation. The groups original cover is on Evil Heat.

Anyhooo... I saw this "find" as a sign. It wants to get played and I've added it to the RD playlist. If Siggy - who's in charge right now - hasn't already deleted it, you can tune in to hear Kate Moss give it some rock. And roll.

And while we're on what's currently playing on the station:

Listener's favorites right now

1. Steely Dan - Your Gold Teeth - Countdown To Ecstasy
2. Godley & Creme - Submarine - Images
3. Allan Holdsworth - City Nights - Secrets
4. Frank Zappa - A Token Of My Extreme - Joe's Garage
5. Peter Gabriel - No Self Control - Peter Gabriel (3)

Enjoy the weekend!

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