Saturday, October 29, 2005

Advances (?) in touring... just send the instruments!

Elton John's red piano on tour ... all by itself!
The red piano on tour ... all by itself!

Elvis has been out on tour with a live orchestra after his death. And Frank Sinatra will do the same in London early next year. On both occasions the singer is there thanks to old film footage and then performing with a live band/orchestra. But how's this for a novel twist:

Elton John's piano is currently touring stores in the U.S.A. Just the piano. No additional musicians or stage happenings. You can still enjoy a performance by Elton as the piano comes with a number of his performances stored in its memory. Simply pick what song you want Elton/the piano to play, sit down and enjoy the music.

Think of all the possibilities! The money saved on tours by big name artists if they just send the pre-programmed instruments.
RadioDupree promise to keep an eye on this expandning side of popular culture.

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