Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Let's hear it for Ian Dury

Ian Dury
I just wiped the dust off a couple of good Ian Dury albums. I used to love these ones as a teenager, and I do still like them. And maybe other people will enjoy them. So I figured we should try some of them on RadioDupree.

Just a few words about Mr Dury: British singer and songwriter. Born in the early 1940's. Had polio as a child. Cockney, funny words and lyrics, warmth, hurmor, energy, slight madness. Had a hit record with Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. Ackompanied by the great band The Blockheads. Got cancer in the 90's. Did his last gig with The Blockheads in February 2000 at The London Palladium. Died in March 2000. We miss you, Ian!


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