Saturday, October 01, 2005

Merry Christm... eh October!

We've updated the RadioDupree homepage today! Check it out.

And while Christmas is still more than two months away it's not too early for me to publish a short wishlist thanks to the Neiman Marcus department stores luxury catalog of "fantasy gifts". Come to think of it; if you feel like buying me something before Christmas I do have a birthday coming up in a week's time ;-)

$1.5 million: A 90 minute private concert with Elton John. Apparently you get to keep the piano.
Elton John and the red piano

$3.5 million: Prototype M400 Skycar. My own personal vertical take-off and landing aircraft. 21 miles to the gallon ... on alcohol.

$200 000: Railroad complete with two high-side riding gondolas with three cushioned seats, a banquet car with oak decking, a steelwork caboose with interchangeable seat and work crane, a passenger station, switches and eight signs. Plus 1 000 feet of track.

$20 000: Photobooth.
The photobooth

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