Thursday, February 02, 2006

Weekend music: Taste the Cat

The Barnes & Noble homepage featuring Morph The Cat

Instead of updating the Radio Dupree homepage I decided to catch a movie. Eventually back home again I checked the usual spots for Donald Fagen/SteelyDan/Walter Becker news.

Over at the Bluebook somebody posted the link two hours ago. The link to the Barnes & Noble page on Morph The Cat.
I don't know if the company jumped the gun or if record-selling sites will all add sound clips this weekend, but there it is; all nine songs in gloriously low-fi (20 kbit/sec) and 20 seconds long.
Get there by clicking the Title, link or even pic above.

And once you're over a Barnes & Noble do not forget to click the CD cover as well. Looks like the DVD-A 5.1 version might get a "morphed" cover!

So ... have a great weekend! And Radio Dupree will get its monthly update tomorrow. Promise.

1 comment:

ljud said...

sounds amazing ! especially the title track.
Thanks for the tip.
A fagenee, a devotee