Friday, May 12, 2006

Silliness ensues!

Cover of the acapella albumPink Floyd's 1973 classic Dark Side Of The Moon has just celebrated 1500 weeks on the U.S. Billboard chart. That's 28 years and 9 months! Quite a feat even though the weekly chart lists the Top 200.

Several tributes dow exist. One of the latest can be found here.
It's by a group calling themselves Voices on the Dark Side. (Album cover pictured).
And yes, the whole album is recreated acapella. The obvious question to ask is how they manage the opening of Money with it's sound of coins and cash registers? Well, you can hear for yourself by clicking the link!

It's silly enough for me to place an order. Expect to hear some acapella Floyd on Radio Dupree in a couple of weeks. In the meantime I turn to what might be a better album musically, but still in the same vein as the one above. I 'm of course talking about Dub Side Of The Moon by the Easy Star All-Stars. The album gives you the songs in a reggae-fied version. I'll add a couple of tracks this weekend! Just to celebrate the original Darkside... reaching 1500 weeks.

If you have the Pink Floyd album you can also experience the strange and yet very real connection between it and the movie Wizard Of Oz. The theory and truth is that if you start the movie and record at the same time the music will play as if to comment on scenes and whatever's happening in the movie.

Go to any of the following sites to learn more about the Dark Side Of The Moon/Wizard Of Oz connection:

are just two. More can easily be found. But I'll end with a link to an article that tries to take a more critical view of the phenomenon:

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