Monday, July 10, 2006

A fine Fogerty-weekend!

John Fogerty 2006
John Fogerty was back in Sweden once again playing to an appreciative audience. Everything was pretty much as expected. The big difference for me personally was the fact that previous times I've seen John it was indoor arenas. This time on the beach at Piteå Havsbad way up north.
A beautiful Swedish summer evening where the daylight rfused to leave. 12 000 people in the audience got two hours full of Fogerty classics delivered with an amazing energy whe you consider that he's 61 years old and has played these songs a few hundred (thousand?) times by now.

John Fogerty and the band have been mixing it up on this tour, from an early Creedence track like Porterville to his latest solo work. Almost all shows have seen some changes in the set list. In Piteå they premiered Jambalaya (from 1973's Blue Ridge Rangers) and Blueboy (from Blue Moon Swamp released in 1997.

Piteå was the eight stop on a 15-date tour of Europe. It's followed by an additional 30 + dates in the States this autumn.

Although I haven't seen/heard it yet, the recently released live concert DVD The Long Road Home sounds like it comes with the same shortcomings as the live CD and DVD Premonition from 1998; pristine picture and sound but lacking that rawness and rock n roll that very much is a part of a Fogerty show. If you're looking for a live record I'd recommend you go search for the Live At Roskilde 1997 bootleg. That's the way a John Fogerty live record should sound!

Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival:
Doug Clifford, Tom Fogerty and Stu Cook.

/This has been Neb Stephenson reporting!

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