Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Steely Dan and the movie "You, Me and Dupree"

We did a quick mention of the movie two weeks ago over at the Radio Dupree homepage. "The homepage that is updated once a month".

Since then the premiere has come and gone. It was this past weekend. And the reviews are in and ... well ... let's just say they're not the best we've seen. Not even OK.

We mentioned the movie because of the Dupree-connection to Steely Dan's track Cousin Dupree as well as Frank Zappa's Dupree's Paradise. However, if you look at the storyline you could argue that the character played by Owen Wilson in this film isn't that unlike the character in Steely Dan's Cousin Dupree!

TheTime for another tongue-in-cheek letter from Donald Fagen & Walter Becker to Owen's brother actor Luke Wilson regarding what Owen has to to to make things right.
Read the letter here or by clicking the pic to the right. You'll get a chance to brush up on your Lovin' Spoonful trivia at the same time!

As far as You, Me and Dupree goes you can read some reviews as well as more about the movie over at

I get the distinct feeling this could be a direct-to-DVD movie here in Sweden. Tried to find any info about a Swedish release date, but no luck.
It looks like the film will start showing in a bunch of European countries in August/September though. Maybe we'll have to go to Finland to catch the premiere. Then again maybe not.

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