Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sweden Dan

Rebecka Törnqvist and Sara Isaksson
Two Swedish singers get set to release a CD of Steely Dan covers; Fire In The Hole - Sing Steely Dan.
Rebecka Törnqvist and Sara Isaksson both released their debut solo albums in the early/mid-90's and have worked together as part of the group Gloria.
Sara has two albums to her name as well as collaborations with Swedish pianist Anders Widmark, while Rebecka has released seven albums.

Her "official homepage" is for the two year old album Travel Like In Songs, but at least you can hear a few short music samples there.
For a "newer" Rebecka check out four songs from her latest Melting Into Orange over on her myspace page.

Sara Isaksson's keeping a low profile on the Internet. No links to share...
About the album Fire In The Hole - Sing Steely Dan the record company information quotes the two ladies saying:

We've recorded 12 songs by the American duo, mainly using just piano and vocals. As a contrast to the originals we wanted it as simple as possible to focus on the songs fantastic stories and melodies.

Part of the project is also Lars Halapi, another member of Gloria but probably best known internationally as the collaborator/producer for Sophie Zelmani.
CD cover of Sings Steely Dan
Tracks on the upcoming CD:
1. Rose darling
2. Barrytown
3. Gaucho
4. Green earrings
5. Your gold teeth II
6. Brooklyn (owes the charmer under me)
7. Don't take me alive
8. Josie
9. Do it again
10. Fire in the hole
11. Pearl of the quarter
12. Midnite cruiser

Radio Dupree think that Rebecka and Sara could have a great album here. We'll know October 16 when Fire In The Hole - Sing Steely Dan is released. In the meantime we'll add some of their solo stuff to the playlist.


Anonymous said...

This is so good. Sara ISaksson has the most beautiful voice ever. Great album

Anonymous said...

Wonderful music, overcompressed recording. But with no low bass in your loudspeakers, you don't hear the recording mistakes.

monsterpants said...

Just out of curiosity- do you guys know what kind of licensing hoops (if any) they went through to be allowed to record and release Steely Dan material?

I know their "Fire in the Hole" album is old news, but this question about licensing seriously never occurred to me until just now :)
- Gwen (The Luckless Pedestrian), Seattle

Neb and/or Siggy said...

As we understood it no hoops, no problems. As long as you do a cover without changing the lyrics there should be no problem whatsoever doing some Steely Dan tunes.