Monday, May 31, 2010

Peter Gabriel's "Melt" for Album of the Month

It's 30 years ago since Peter Gabriel's third solo album ("Melt") was released, but I still have a fresh memory of the feeling of hearing it back then. The album is considered one of the groundbreaking recordings of that time with those gated drums and the absense of hihats and cymbals.

It was not easy to fall in love with this dark album, but it grew on me. The same year a friend took me to Peter Gabriel's concert in Stockholm which was a great experience.
At the time Gabriel had plans to record his songs in other languages than English. I don't know if they released any other version of the "Melt" album than the one in German (Ein Deutsches Album). You can hear both the English and German versions on Radio Dupree in June.


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