Monday, September 04, 2006

Donald Fagen to tour Europe this year?

Donald Fagen.Could he be taking his solo tour to Europe this fall/winter?

Dirk Werner reports the following in the latest Dandom Digest:

I've just bought the new issue of the German jazz magazine "jazzthing" and there is an small advertisement that says that Donald Fagen is coming to the "Aalener Jazzfest" here in Germany.

The "Aalener Jazzfest" will take place on 11/02 - 11/05.

The Aalener Jazzfest homepage isn't updated with what artists will play this years festival, but the magazine mentioned; Jazz Thing, has Donald listed in it's live section online. Just scroll on down to the Aalener Jazzfest note.

* * * Update September 6: It says the tickets will go on sale mid-September, so in another week or two we should know if Donald will be there or not. * * *

A post over at the newsgroup adds that Donald Fagen will play Milan, Italy later this year according to the link below. No exact date, but then again my Italian is useless. If anyone feel like adding a rough translation, please do!

"Di Donald Fagen, mente degli Steely Dan, formazione jazz rock degli anni Settanta, è impossibile non ricordare l’eclettismo e le grandi capacità musicali: un nome su tutti, The Nightfly, titolo del suo album d’esordio del 1982, disco amatissimo e da molti considerato
un vero e proprio capolavoro. Ma è nel 2006 che arriva l’ultima fatica solista di Donald, Morph the cat, che sarà in tour anche al Teatro Ventaglio Smeraldo."

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