Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Horror tunes rule Dupree chart

Happy Halloween, everybody!
We are celebrating with some scary Halloween music. Just the other day we uploaded a bunch of such tunes. And you listeners seem to appreciate it.

Five of the ten most popular songs on Radio Dupree right now are tunes with a unmistaken Halloween flavor (*):
1. The Fiends - Theme From Addams Family (*)
2. Frank Zappa - Goblin Girl (*)
3. Donald Fagen - I.G.Y.
4. Captain Beefheart - When I See Mommy I Feel Like A Mummy (*)
5. G Duke / B Cobham - Juicy
6. Jukon Speakers - Give Me Love
7. Frank Zappa - The Radio Is Broken
8. Tom Jones - Ghost Riders In The Sky (*)
9. Pink Floyd - Fat Old Sun
10. Frank Zappa - The Torture Never Stops (a traditional Halloween number) - As An Am (*)

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