Friday, October 20, 2006

Weekend music: Win a CD!

WIN A (free) CD!


We went to the record store and bought it, just to give it away to YOU! Why? Because we think it's a great album and we think that more people living outside of Sweden should get a chance to hear it.

What does it sound like? Well, you can go here and scroll down a bit and press the play button to hear a few short excerpts. If you're a Steely Dan fan or not is of no importance. If you like what ou hear you can enter the giveaway just by sendning us your address in an email to

* * * UPDATE NOVEMBER 2! * * *
All three winners have been picked. We didn't see the meaning in postponing the draw of the second and third winner, so...

We got three albums to give away for free. But hurry up! We'll pick a first winner October 31. Then another one November 30 and a final one December 10.

P.S. With the exception of our first giveaway all the rest have been sound and surefire misses as far as winners go. Not one person entered. Why? All that's been needed to enter has been an email with an address and that's it. Maybe that's been seen as too easy? Haven't felt like a proper competition? Should we perhaps have added some questions or such you have to answer to win? OK. Let's try that this time around. Let's se... To enter the giveaway you email us and include your favourite answer to whatever question you see choose. OK? OK!

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