Thursday, January 03, 2008

Gary Katz producing Jay & The Americans

What's Gary Katz up to these days? is one of the recurring questions among Steely Dan fans.

According to The Herald-Tribune online Gary is working with Jay & the Americans:
"The Vocal Group Hall of Fame band, featuring three original members (but not Jay Black), is working with longtime Steely Dan producer Gary Katz on a new album."

And that's all we know. Interesting though as we get a couple of Steely Dan connections rolled into one.
1) Gary Katz produced the first seven Steely Dan albums.
2) Kenny Vance, one of the original members in Jay & The Americans, helped Donald and Walter early on. They recorded demos as well as a soundtrack while under contract to Kenny's production company.
3) Donald and Walter briefly toured with the band.

Bonus: Here's a 1979 interview with Gary talking about producing Steely Dan.

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