Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stealy Band ... with a Steely Dan connection

Did anyone catch the Swedish Steely Dan cover band Stealy Dan at the Stockholm jazz club Fasching yesterday?

According to an article in Friday's issue of Dagens Nyheter, the band was started a year ago by bass player Kristoffer Sundström and guitarist Efraim Olofsson as a project at the school they both attend; Musikhögskolan/Royal College Of Music.
As a tutor they managed to get Georg Wadenius who played with Steely Dan in the 90's as well as on Donald Fagen's 1993 album Kamakiriad.
Stealy Band at Fasching was 13 people strong, so they should've been able to give the songs the full band treatment.

Oh, and Georg Wadenius will play Fasching in just a couple of weeks time; Febryary 8. We doubt that there will be any Steely Dan covers on the setlist.

Update January 30: Thanks to Gina over on Mizar 5 we now have a link to a review of the show as well as one to the groups MySpace page. A BIG thank you to Gina.


Gina said...

hey there! how are you all doing? i will post this on GW's space page in a blog entry. cool.

ciao, Gina

Gina said...

hey, i posted it in Georg's blog. And i found a review of the concert, Inte Bulle blog.

Gina said...

hahaha, this is one of those days. i couldn't give a rat's ass about SD and yet here i am, finding links and info and such.

The Stealy Band is in MySpace. They are good.